Allow me to introduce myself: I am Melody Jackson. I live in Juneau, Alaska. A poetess who is currently working on a book of poetry, and has been published in The Vault-Soul Fountain Art and Literary Journal, Tilt Publishing, 90-21 Springfield Blvd., Queens Village, New York 11428. I was the only person chosen to represent Alaska, and the two poems that have been published are "To The Mountain" and "Home". Both of these poems can be viewed on this homepage on Page 2 and Page 11.

I express my soul in my poetry, and being of the Tlingit Nation/Raven Moiety/Dog Salmon Clan, the experience of a single Native woman living on her own, a very humble existence, but very rich in that the beauty of life is abounding everyday for us to enhale and enjoy.

I hope to be adding new poetry to this site for you to enjoy periodically and I hope they express my life as it is full of love, life and the joy of expecting each day as a miracle from God.

We must learn to seek peace and walk in beauty, and find the harmony to balances our life.

If you have an interest in learning more about me, or even just have some comments, please feel free to contact me and I hope to hear from you soon. In this first page is an audio file that may take time to load, depending on your modem speed, please give it time to load. The rest of the pages do not have audio files so they should load rather quickly.

*****THERE ARE 23 PAGES TO MY HOME PAGE - PLEASE "turn the page" at the bottom of each page to see the rest of them.*****


Today, I am more native than yesterday,
I didn't hurry so fast, running from my past,
I sat real still when I was alone,
didn't have to call someone on the phone,
listening to the silence until my head heard,
my heart speaking to me....
And my heart spoke of purpose in my life,
of seeking integrity in myself,
of walking a solitary path of peace,
seeking harmony instead of wealth,
of seeing the strength in a prayer,
sharing with my children the power there,
of honoring everything that is alive,
being one with nature, not strife....
On this journey I walk,
my heart continues to talk,
turning me into what I was born this day,
for I am more Native than yesterday....

Melody Jackson

Juneau, AK 99801
United States

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