Like a long ago memory, you sneak into my soul,
bring the tenderness and joy of your eyes,
kissing my face, smoothing my hair,
oh that I could run into your arms,
and just be...together again...and I would be safe.
your arms holding my soul,
until this storm of life passes, 
and I could pass through to the other side of our dreams....

But alone, I cannot trust my heart,
it has broken apart,
and I cannot find the pieces that I use to be...

A single tear falling into eternity,
forever searching for me....


As soon as you left...winter set in,
bringing ice and snow into my life,
putting to sleep the flowers of love,
wind whistling in the silent night....

the river of dreams frozen,
with the only dream of holding you,
the passion in my soul is so so cold,
waiting just to touch you...

my tears lonely pieces of ice,
when I think of how nice...waking up with you,
no hope, no life, no reason to go on,
has flown south with the swan,,,

glaciers of my words, frozen in time,
until the day when you are mine,
and the springtime of my love,
when the rose will bloom,
tenderly holding my desires in your hands,
you teach me to understand,
that we can make it through,
and all I have to love you... soon as you left....winter set in.