I am a flower that blooms alone, 
the moon in the night is my friend,

In the fresh dew of spring,
while the other flowers are gathering their strength,
to shout to the world of new life, 
a season of new love,
together I hear them singing,
their songs invite me to join.

But my roots are far away,
open to the wind and rain,
transparent petals embracing the pain of love lost,
I sing a solitary song,
and I bloom in the late summer,
there is no spring in me,
my fragrance lingers in tear filled nights,
touching the heart of one who has lost at love,
I tenderly embrace the heart of one feeling so lost,
as he counts the cost of his love...

It is to me he comes and cries,
for he knows I am a lot like him...

I am a flower that blooms alone,
I am a flower...


The solitude in my heart,
is not empty or dark,
it is not vacant of nothing to see,
so many people live in my soul,
so many people making me whole,
in the quiet of my eves,
I see them as they come to me,
bringing me gifts from long ago,
tender embraces, erasing all traces,
of the harshness of this world,
I listen as my tears trace the pain I let go,
laughter fills the halls,
teddy bears, childhood dreams,
they hold my fears at bay,
they call me on,
they bring me to the places I left so long...ago,
the innocence, the trust, the surrender to  God,
is waiting for me there,
and as the child I was,
and as the child I am,
I run to them, I cling to them,
and I am safe, and warm,
and loved...once again.