Come my beloved and let us see,
the sun as it rises above the sea,
the morning mist covering the dawn,
the aching stillness of a new morn,
my heart is full of you today,
in everything I do, think and say,
my body’s aching for your touch,
oh my love, I want you so much,
wasn’t that you in my dreams last night,
wasn’t that you holding me tight,
on the sea of dreams we slept,
our love spilled out with all the rest,
and it is morning now, we should go...


In his hair is the forest green in the morning,I smell this,
In his eyes is the sky, the moonlight, the ocean, the stars, 
  the tenderness as they kiss my face,
In his feet are the many miles he has tread through this world,
  defending and seeking to help his fellow man,
In his arms is the father, sister, brother, friend, 
  and my place to feel safe,
In his hands is the joy,the ecstasy of my lover,
  he gives to me,
In his laugh I hear the love spilling forth,
In his voice I hear the exuberance of life, 
  the searching mind.
In his ears are the love songs that lovers sing to each other,
In his smile is the joy of life as his adventure unfolds,
but my favorite is his heart, 
  here I live and move...