If I could give you a perfect world...I would,
If I could take away the pain in your life...I would,
but all I can promise you is that I will be with you,
I will hold you...I will love you...and learn and grow,
past that barrier of pain in both of our lives,
and where our love takes us...although still unknown,
is wonderful to beloved.

There’s a place you can come to,
when no one seems to want you,
when the world is cold and blue,
and you don't want to talk,
and you can't get up to walk...

That place is in my heart,
where I can help you make a new start,
I can love you as you are,
even though you are far,
you can come to my heart...


Come to me...she said with a smile,
Baby...don't be shy,
let me show you where the God's live,
forget your cellophane life....

All you wanted was the light in her soul,
to touch you, to seek you, to be you,
the silver tinkling laughter,
her thighs tremble at your touch,
you weren't asking too much....

Into her abyss you entered,
the door was gossamer hair,
she led you to places unseen, on moonlit beams,
the things that are dreams, that are dreams...

In the softness of her soul,
you lay your weary head,
in the world in her eyes,
your heart comes alive,
to find you there....