Thinking about you in my bed, 
wanting you, needing you, 
loving you in my head,
I want to know you, to feel you, 
to welcome you into me, 
I want to see your smile,
the passion in your eyes, 
as you make love to me, 
and set my heart free....

and then I remember, I am alone, 
and my body is on fire, 
I just whisper your name, 
your desire fans my flames...

and now I hate you, in my mind, 
I run and try to break free, 
from the fire that is consuming me, 
oh God save me, help me, 
Iím drowning in the reality of this, 
it is your kiss I miss, 
I never wanted to need again, 
never wanted to love again, 
never wanted to long again, 
this fire inside of me.

please...donít set me free....


Call me on the phone, your voice explores
the essence of the love in me,
your heart touches my life,
and begins to excite, the woman in me,
liquid velvet paves the way,
your desire reaches to me,
turning me inside out, begging for me,
to be free, to love you. to want you,
to feel you touching me, your lips trail
the molten lava in my soul,
reaching into me, touching me, lifting me,
higher and higher, farther and farther,
then I've ever been before,
like the waves pounding the shore,
your voice becomes so much more to me,
and I am free in your arms,
our souls touch, with the torch of ecstasy,
my love, my desire in me,
he's in me, and I can drift to eternity,
on our river of love, you satisfy me....