Angel of My Dark

in the solitude of my nights, you open the door,
to my heart, so lost and lonely, 
and you pick up each part,
and put it back together, 
hold me near, quiet my fears,
tenderly brushing back my hair,
kissing my eyes...

I cannot see your face, but I know when you are near,
I remember your hands loving me,
holding me, tenderly making
my love precious,
brushing off the dirt of the forgotten heart,
and you sing to me, bring to me,
the courage to start
in the daylight, I need you,
in the sunrise I reach to you,
but you are gone like a song without words,
leaving me alone to face the day,
and wait on eves gentle shadows,
to hold you once again,
just once again...

in naked shadows your caress touches me,
with a passion I canít deny,
where can I go, what can I do,
to make you come true
my angel of the darkest
parts of my heart.