Could I touch you, could I hold you,
your love is like a reflection in water, 
your smile entrances me, dances me,
catches me when Iím alone,
I reach for your hand and youíre gone...

but in the secret night, my heart is holding you near, somehow, I know you are real, you have challenged my fear of love, in the stars at night, the moonlight kisses my face, your heart calls me to that place, to love you again...


walking into the woods, beside a still lake,
the silence deafens me,
and I sit and wait,
while the world comes alive around me,
I am an intruder in this place,
this I know is true,
but as I sit and watch, 
the life I begin to see, 
the dance of fish upon the water,
the birds feeding their young,
the dragon flies hunting their pray,
and I hear their world,
loons calling as the mist rises off the lake,
eagles delighting in the catch,
squirrels warning each other,
I smell the earth, damp with night,
the flowers, gently blowing in the fields,
the too has a scent,
for a moment...I see your reflection next to me,
in the water,
and we are last.

Melody Jackson
Juneau, AK 99801
United States