donít wake her...sheís sleeping in her heart,
dreaming she is a princess, with no
prince to fight the dragons, she must do it alone...
she must kill the dragons that hurt her..
the dragons of lies,
the dragons of false dreams,
the dragons of empty promises,
the dragons of empty nights,
the dragons of empty days,
the dragons of sweet memories,
the dragons destroying her soul....

donít tell her you love her, that dragon is already dead, donít say sheís the queen of your dreams, donít promise her the moon, the stars, your love, donít fill her lonely nights, donít fill her empty days, donít whisper of the sweetness of your love...

donít wake her...she is sleeping in her heart, she is far away, she canít hear you, calling her name...


this woman you know, Iíve come to love,
I love the laughter in her eyes,
the tenderness in her heart,
the mother she holds in her heart,
the joy of the new day,
the child at play, as she watches close, 
 that no one comes near to destroy,
the tender joy her child brings her...
the hand she gives to her fellow man,
the quiet moments in her smile,
the gentle tears caused by man....

please try to understand if you can, it is not you she runs from, it is the storms in her soul, it almost died and left her cold....

only now can she be free, only now can she fly, only now does she see her strength, her hearts on the mend....

this woman you know, Iíve come to love, donítí hurt her, donít promise her love... and fly away.

she will survive - for she loves life, but her child will cry...

do not touch her - this woman I love, do not lie, do not cry, sheís only trying to survive, in a land where no one knows... the way she goes.

please donít take her heart and tear it apart, and drop it - like leaves from a dead tree, because, my friend, this woman I love.... is me....

mjackson@gci.net Juneau, AK 99801 United States