how can you say I am shallow,
I am intense, Iím hard,
how can you say Iím what every man fears,
a woman without a heart...

wasnít that you who I loved,
it was you I needed, you who lied,
you who took away my love,
and wondered at how I died....

on no, you didnít see my tears,
on no, you laughed at my fears,
you took my dreams and sailed them down your river of lies, 
you tore apart my dreams and laughed while I cried....

now, if I am shallow...
thereís nothing of you to dig...
if I am intense....
I question YOUR lies...
If I am hard,
I take care of myself...
and if you fear me...


if love is pain,
and tears brought on my fears,
then I love you.

if love is waking each  morning feeling like
I am the whore you called me last night,
then I love you,

if love is demanding to know,
every minute of who Iíve talked to,
then I love you.

if love is cradling my heart,
as your questions tear it apart,
then I love you.

if love is acting too quick,
and feeling so alone and lost,
then I love.

if love is isolating my heart and soul,
and not talking except to you,
then I love you.

if love is watching our dreams die,
with quick words felt in the dark,
then I love you.

if this is love to you,
if this is what you want,


It was with your words - you had me fall for you,
the pictures, painted so clear,
tomorrow seemed so far away,
while you talked sweet magic words to me,

Upon your kingdom of words, 
I built my life,changing it all,
so I could hold you near,
while you talked sweet magic words to me...

But now, your actions have been so unkind,
I can't look and hope to find,
your words to put it all back,
my life on track, and still in love with you...

the tears haunting my eyes, 
as I begin to realize,
the magic was in me - not in you,
and thereís nothing you can do.
or say or try,
to dry my tears as I walk away...
from you...

Thank you for taking the time to read my work, 
if you have any comments, please contact me.

Melody Jackson Juneau, AK 99801 United States