I see that you are healthy, wealthy and white,
if only you could see what I see,
I remember you when you were small,
black hair, brown eyes, told it all,
you were born Indian like me,
but to see you today, you fool everyone but me....

Did you forget the wood smoke in the morning air,
the wolf, the bear, and the eagles cry,
if I look puzzled I am just trying to decide,
what part of you you left behind....

And who do I speak to, laugh with, 
what have you done to my brother there,
his soul is empty, tired and bare,
I must cry for my brother now...
I must make prayers to the Great Spirit,
because he was a big part of me....
and now he is gone...


take away what is rightfully mine, 
what I was born for, what Iíll die for,
take away my language, my dress, 
my way of life, not owning the land, 
take away my brothers and sisters, 
leave us no place to stand, 
but you canít take away my heart, 
my Indian heart....
for it shall always hear, 
the wolves singing at night, 
the eagle welcoming dawnís early light, 
and it shall always see, 
the people with so many needs, 
the trapped hearts crying to be free, 
and it shall always smell, 
wood smoke keeping us warm,
wood smoke kissing a chilly morn,
and it shall always taste, 
the bitter tears of what is lost, 
our way of life so carelessly tossed - aside,
and it shall always feel, 
our ancestors crying to our souls, 
singing of a time, when we were whole, 
so you see - you have already lost, 
so before you even start, 
remember this - you cannot take away, 
my Indian heart...

Melody Jackson Juneau, AK 99801 United States