In what language does it speak,
of the longings in the soul,
how does it describe to hear,
the new born babies cry,
the sun as it kisses the morn,
the eagle's cry, the happy sigh,
the silent night, a child’s delight,
the tenderness of the moon,
the freedom of the stars,
the lovers sigh, the secret cry,
the puppy greeting you, as you come home,
the majesty of the ocean,
the lovers gentle caress,
the old people now, still holding hands,
the joy of mommies, the strength of daddies,
the summer rose,
the autumn leaves, the first snow,
the whales, the bears, the wolves,
the secret love we share,
Again, what language does it speak....
The heart that hears....


So, I hear you’re going home, so lucky, 
I wish it was me, 
but I can’t go, you know, WAIT - 
when you come back, whenever that may be, 
could you, could you bring me something 
please,bring me the sun as it kisses the 
dewy mountains,
bring me the rain, the wind, and the snow, 
bring me the leaves, you know, how golden 
in the fall, 
and, and bring me the crisp starry nights, 
and ice,bring me the hush, the stillness, 
just before dawn, 
and bring me the first frost, 
let me hold it near, 
the snow stills everything, 
remember, the pillowed softness, 
on let my ears hear the brisk 
crunch of it beneath my feet, 
the wonder of a winter night, 
bring me a rock, covered with moss, 
just any rock will so - really, 
oh, maybe, just maybe a blade of grass 
off my daddy’s grave, well anyway, 
bring me the roar of the wind as it 
blesses us with winter, 
well, just bring me home, just for a minute, 
even one second... 
what....oh I’re not coming back...

Melody Jackson
Juneau, AK 99801
United States