Alaskan Princess

she dances in your dreams,
coming in the silence,
covering your heart with a blanket of stars...
holding you, touching you, loving you...

you are alone,
to face the day, to try your way,
on the hidden breeze through your hair,
she touches you.

she comes again, the princess of dreams,
together you walk beaches of sand, 
the waves chasing your love,
the eagles and seagulls cry with joy,
the love she gives is pure and free..

alone in the day, you hunger to know her,
you search each face to see the twinkle in her eyes,
you listen to hear her laugh,
you reach out to hold her near...she is gone,
you catch a brief glimpse of her in the sundance on the waters..

she comes silently - singing love songs,
asking you to come along,
to ride the wings of the wind,
to play with the stars..

there are others you love, others you need,
but in your quiet, in your sleep,
she loves you, comforts you,
the princess of dreams....

she has made you her king,
she bows before you, your heart...

Melody Jackson


They did not need to laugh,
they did not need to sing,
they did not need to cry,
they did not need to sigh,
they just needed to let their love be,
in the silence...holding one another,
their hands clasped together....
beholding the stars....
their love shouted to the world...

Melody Jackson
Juneau, AK 99801
United States