in the quiet of the eve,  I remember you,
in the stars blessing my heart with dreams, I remember you,
in my darkness, you are the light, and I remember you,
in the soft tender moments of life, I remember you...

you come to me, and you hold me, and as we
become complete in each other,
then...I remember we.


Come to me darling.
It won't hurt, what I wanna do...
I just want to hold you,
touch you, make love to you....
See the stars in your eyes,
See the sun on your face....

I wanna feel your skin next to my skin,
I wanna feel my love as it gets wet and ready,
To take you where the leaves are green, 
Where its all free...

Your breath on my neck 
your hair all wet with sweat,
the salty taste of your body,
my desire escapes my breath

so close your eyes my love,
It'll be all right, and we can delight,
in the soft wet waiting for you....