I shall hold the blackness of my soul,
I shall offer the dirt of my empty smile,
I shall hold the mold of unused emotions,
I shall unveil the darkness of my accomplishments,
I shall yield the empty void of unkept promises,
I shall face the burning anguish of broken dreams...

I shall go to the mountains,
I shall hear the wolf song in the night,
I shall feel the mist of the morning,
I shall hear the hush of the new snow,
and in facing all these things I see within myself,
I shall replace each scream of my heart,
with a tender innocence that I lost so long ago...
and I will not expect the worst in people once Iíve 
faced the worst in myself... 

I shall awake anew....
and I shall glory in the world as God meant it to be,
and in all the mercy extended to me,
I shall learn to live...again.

Melody Jackson


We though we won...we did - we did,
We thought we made it through,

We enjoyed the fruit of the battle,
and when all was said and done,
we found our deepest nights,
that we hadnít won.

Forever locked in the fight,
of who is wrong and who is right,
we lost the love and tenderness 
that we fought for,
and in our ignorance, 
we destroyed our enemies,
only to find..that the enemies were us.

Melody Jackson
Juneau, AK 99801
United States