Spirit of the wind, blowing through my hair,
take a breath of the scent and blow it to my love there...

Spirit of the rain, falling down on me,
mingling with my tears, washing away my fears,
take my heart and wash it clean,
so he can write his love there....

Spirit of the sun, where love has begun,
loving me in lazy days, soft tender ways,
I know you'll have to travel far, but....
kiss him when you're there....

Spirit of the moon, with love in your eyes,
as I'm sleeping, alone in my bed,
when you see him, and he meets your eyes,
bless him with my love...bless him with my love....

Spirit of thunder...in all your glory,
your passion filling all my dreams,
should your majesty stop near him,
remind him would you...of me....

Stars in the blackest night,
singing to me of love,
when he looks at you, kiss his eyes, 
tenderly, share with him my love.

Oh mother earth...we’re so far apart,
but our hearts are beating as one,
could you touch him, hold him soft,
keep him safe, keep him warm, until I come...

Oh Father in heaven,  who rules all things,
we humbly bow before your holy throne,
we bring this love - still new in our hearts,
and pray you bless it pure and strong...

We can go forth now, we can fly,
hard times may come, and sometimes we'll cry,
but with the spirit of love...from above....
our dreams will not die - our love will survive...

Melody Jackson

Juneau, AK 99801 United States